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Search Engine Marketing Strategies

Creating and Delivering the Search Engine Marketing Strategy

What your company need is good online marketing strategies to attract buyers.

Even though online WOM marketing has been around for years, local sellers are still using old methods (advertisement) as their marketing strategy. Based on our years of experience in helping clients to promote their products, we realized that simple product description can not attract potential buyers but a trusted product with a good brand that meets their requirements.

Ready-Online Corp. established a new WOM (Word of Mouth) marketing package named Trading Buzz in 2008. Trading Buzz is a service for a single series of product using aggressive and interactive online marketing strategy to reach different buyers internationally. At the same time analytic tools are implemented to evaluate visitor’s behavior so that the content is adjusted to satisfy their needs.

Overall Trading Buzz work process can be:

Find out where the buyers are

Find out where the buyers are:
Using online tools and systems that are developed by Ready-Market to discover the potential market, in the end, a clear market plan is set with manufacturer.

Product advantage

Product advantage:
For Ready-Market team to propose a strategic plan for supplier, phone interviews and documentation collecting will be held so that we can have a better understanding on product SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats).

Trend Theme Design -Find out the connection between the product and market to create trends

Trend Theme Design:
Find out the connection between the product and market to create trends; using the website that is designed based on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), W3C and WEB2.0 to engage different browsing requirements.

all the designed trends are infiltrated into different market

Online Channel Utilization:
Ready-Market Online Corp. has over 19 years of online marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experience, and is capable of tools and systems developing which is called "WTO" (Web Tools Optimization). A sophisticated WTO can make sure all the designed trends are infiltrated into different market to attract buyers and in the end procurement is made.

Visitor behavior analyzing

Visitor Behavior Analyzing:
Visitor behavior analyze report will be delivered every month for better understanding of buyer’s needs, or exploring the new market.

purchasing statistic analyzing

Purchasing Statistic Analyzing:
Opportunities are for companies that are always prepared. Ready-Market has developed a superior system to promote the product and also to attract buyer’s behavior. The statistic is reported for assessment on potential market and trend analyzing.

WOM Tracking

WOM Tracking:
Receiving updated market status from attracting designed trends and referrals.

Your online branding equals how much your product is worth on the market. If your product or company is not well promoted; they are invisible or not valuable online. If your company isn’t found in search engine, the company information isn’t attracting. It is recommended to fix it soon so that you don’t keep losing the opportunities

In recent consultation with a well-known company to find out why their inquiries and orders are fewer, our observation is because of the bad credits and improper website structures.

It is important to know what your consumers want and respond to it whether they are positive or negative but neglect them.

Remember to have accurate information to be fully forwarded anytime. On the other hand, if an international buyer find out about your company while doing procurement research, but because of lack of information about your product and end up make the order to your competitors. It just shows how online marketing can determine a company’s survival.

Why can Ready-Market do it? That’s because…

  • Ready-Market team has over "15-year experience of international procurement service”, "10-year experience with online b2b management”, "8-year experience of online marketing seminar hosting”, "8-year experience of SEO service” and "3-year with AdWord service".
  • familiar with various online business platforms and viewer analytics,
  • precise market evaluation using superior tools and systems,
  • knowing how to discover the potential market through online observation,
  • participated in Google Inc. training courses; perceptive about online market conditions,
  • every employee in the team obtained Google GAP certification (Google Advertising Professionals), and
  • Knowledgeable on all kinds of tools for effective online marketing.

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Ready-Market Online Corp.  /  3F-1, No. 143, Sec. 1, Keelung Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110058, Taiwan
TEL : +886-2-2748-4387  /  FAX : +886-2-2748-6261
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Trading Buzz™

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